My research covers affect in premodern literature, with a primary emphasis on ancient poetry from Greece, the Near East, and India.

I am working on a book, Poetics of Unease, in which I explore the “infrastructures of feeling” that are activated by ancient poetic descriptions of labor (building on work on affect and ideology by Lauren Berlant and Raymond Williams). Other ongoing projects include work on classical receptions, ancient forgeries, and Indo-European comparative poetics. See my publications page for more info on forthcoming and in-progress articles.

I also use this website to host resources I have created for use in Memrise (flashcards) and GoldenDict and equivalent programs (dictionaries).

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I offer private tutoring via Altminster.

In 2013 I founded the Trinity Journal of Literary Translation (T-JOLT). Take a look!

Latest from the Blog

New Publication: Pasolini’s Greeks and the Irrational

Open Access: https://journals.uni-lj.si/clotho/article/view/11518 Abstract: This article traces Pasolini’s engagement with Aeschylus Oresteia and the concept of the “irrational,” through which he sought to excavate patterns of ideological resistance in the classical past. I argue that Pasolini’s translations and adaptations of Aeschylus ultimately failed to achieve his desired ambition to forward an Aeschylus fit for the proletariat, and…

A Field Guide to N. H. Pritchard’s Works

Current Version August 3 2022. This page serves as a bibliographic research tool for readers interested in exploring the poetic works of N. H. Pritchard. I have assembled this guide collating information from other online repositories and bibliographic tools (cited among the bibliographic sources). The main features are: (1) a listing of all known works,…

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