Memrise Courses

Below are several Memrise courses I prepared to help students build their vocabulary in several languages. Most of them are geared to a specific textbook, corpus, or combination thereof. Some are still WIP, but I posted them anyway because the existing parts are functioning (and the extension of the course won’t affect earlier progress). Feel free to send me any feedback or suggestions.

Greek Language & Dialects

Ancient Greek Introductory Vocabulary

Designed for the GREK10123 Summer Intensive Sequence at the University of Chicago’s Summer Language Institute (2020)

Mycenaean Greek Vocabulary

No-typing required course; covers large part of the corpus (including many personal names)



Sanskrit Intro Vocabulary

Geared to Introductory Sequence Sanskrit students (101-102-103).


Sabellic (Italic) Languages



Minor Sabellic Languages

Particularly useful for students interested in reading through Rix’s Sabellische Texte (2002)


Iranian Languages

Avestan Script and Transliteration

Basic Avestan Vocabulary

The vocabulary course is geared to Michiel de Vaan’s Introduction to the Avesta (2002)


Anatolian Languages




Austronesian Languages


Very much WIP, part of a larger project I am preparing.