A Field Guide to N. H. Pritchard’s Works

Current Version August 3 2022.

This page serves as a bibliographic research tool for readers interested in exploring the poetic works of N. H. Pritchard. I have assembled this guide collating information from other online repositories and bibliographic tools (cited among the bibliographic sources). The main features are: (1) a listing of all known works, whether published or otherwise; (2) links to available PDFs of published works; (3) a bibliography of known scholarly works on Pritchard.

I have prepared this as part of my work on Pritchard’s unpublished Mundus–on which, much more to come (here and elsewhere). Please feel free to submit suggestions, corrections, or additions!

Poems in Published Books

Pritchard published two books. Their contents are reproduced below so as to allow easy comparison to poems published separately. Reading copies of both books available through the Eclipse Archive

The Matrix / Poems: 1960 – 1970 (Doubleday, NY. 1970)

I. Inscriptions 1960-1964

      • Wreath
      • Vista
      • Harbour
      • Self
      • Windscape
      • Ology
      • Volitive
      • Agon
      • Louisburg Square
      • Subscan
      • Cassandra and Friend
      • Evening
      • Aswelay
      • Matrix
      • Point
      • Swampscott Autumn
      • Outing
      • Gist
      • Visage
      • Design
      • Gathering
      • Preposition
      • The Way
      • De Tu & I
      • Mist Place
      • The Voice
      • Camp
      • 3
      • La Alba
      • Totemic
      • Autumnal
      • Doooooooooooooooom
      • Once
      • Dia
      • Asalteris
      • Metagnomy

II Signs 1965-1967

      • The Signs
      • Gyre’s Galaxy
      • Season
      • Trace
      • the own
      • Silhouette
      • Passage
      • Metempsychosis
      • Sail
      • Each
      • Soliloquy
      • Visitary
      • The Harkening
      • Dusk
      • Paysagesque
      • The Cloak
      • Burtn Sienna
      • The Narrow Path
      • Epilogue
      • Now
      • N  OCTUR   N
      • Aurora

III Objects 1968-1970

      • #
      • y
      • Terrace Figment
      • Isostasy
      • Ω
      • C
      • L’Oeil
      • @
      • Love
      • o
      • b
      • Peace


      • .d.u.s.t.
      • MINT
      • THE WATCH
      • FEAWE
      • junt
      • WE NEED
      • arodnap
      • carbon

Works Published in Periodicals and Anthologies

Publication info given parenthetically in short form, see the key directly below linking further to bibliography. Many of these are scanned and available through the Eclipse Archive. The key is based on the Eclipse entries, where relevant (i.e. virtually throughout, exceptions contain links to further PDFs where available). N.B. Untitled concrete poems are labeled by ad hoc titles in square brackets. 

      • Hoom (“short story,” Necromancer)
      • Magma (Liberator)
      • De tu and I (Liberator, and then Matrix)
      • Season (Liberator)
      • Gathering (Liberator)
      • Sail (Liberator, and then Matrix)
      • Awelay (Dices, and then Matrix)
      • # (Dices, and then Matrix)
      • Alcoved Agonies (Dices)
      • : (Dices)
      • As (Dices)
      • Parcy Jutridge (Dices, also included in a letter sent to Ishmael Reed, see below)
      •  .-.-.-. (Dices)
      • OVO (Dices)
      •  .. (Transrealistic)
      •  oOo (Transrealistic)
      • [line+dot untitled] (Transrealistic)
      • [oices v] (Youth)
      • [T] (Youth)
      • [TTTTT] (Natural)
      • bBb (Natural)
      •  , (Natural)
      • No. (Natural)
      • [TTTTT (2)] (Natural)
      • vvvv (Natural)
      • O (Believe, and then Matrix)
      • Bones (Clown)
      • Selected Speeches (Clown)
      • Quanta (Clown)
      • lore (Clown)
      • Gyre’s Galaxy (Texts)
      • Visitary (Texts)
      • The Vein (East Village, “part of a novel,” see Mundus below)
      • Mist Place (Northwest, then Matrix)
      • Subscan (Northwest, then Matrix)
      • Ology (Northwest, then Matrix)

Key: Necromancer = Ishmael Reed’s 19 Necromancers from Now [Garden City: Doubleday, 1970]. Liberator = Liberator [Volume 7, Number 6 (June 1967): 12-13]. Dices = Dices or Black Bones: Black Voices of the Seventies, ed. Adam David Miller [Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1970]. Transrealistic = Vol 1. of Yardbird Reader, ed. Reed [Berkeley: Yardbird Publishing, 1972]. Youth = Richard Kostelanetz’ collection In Youth [New York: Ballatine, 1972]. Natural = Ted Willentz and Tom Weatherly’s Natural Process: An Anthology of New Black Poetry [New York: Hill and Wang, 1971]. Believe = Paul Bremen’s You Better Believe It: Black Verse in English from Africa, the West Indies and the United States [London: Penguin, 1973]. Clown = Clown War Nos. 3-5 [1973-1974]. Texts = Text-Sound Text, Ed. Kostelanetz [New York: Marrow, 1980]. East Village = The East Village Other, Vol III No. 7, Jan 19-25, 1968. Northwest = Poetry Northwest Spring 1966 VII 1 pp. 12-123. 



Other Media [Under Construction]

Interviews / Spotlight Pieces

Audio Recordings

Film Recordings

Known Unknowns [Under Construction]

Unpublished but known to exist in draft/manuscript form 

  • Mundus
    • This is a work that presents a long series of bibliographic challenges. I give below my preliminary notes, since I am working on this piece at length.
      • Title: The work is mentioned in letters and in author bios (as well as on signed/labeled sheets and cover sheets) with several different names that include: “Mundus”, “The Mundus”, “Mundus: A Novel”, “Mundus Fragment(s)”, “Mundus Fragments Watertight” and other similar variants. 
      • Published Portions/State of the Work: “The Vein” (listed above) is the only in-print portion of Mundus (in a letter Pritchard explains it is a conglomerate from several portions of a long 200 page work). “The Vein” corresponds in part to the pages of Mundus on display at the Whitney, although the colors and ink additions are not represented. Other inked and colored pages of Mundus exist in the Pritchard Estate, although the full scope of the work as extant is not known. In later letters to Reed (early 1970s) Pritchard mentions that it has gotten longer (250-300 pages) and that he is reworking it. Perhaps the colored pages are part of this reworking. Certainly, the date on the Whitney Museum label (1970) does not correspond with Pritchard’s own signatures and dates on some sheets (into 1971). Pritchard reads from Mundus in the film mentioned above. 
  • Poems/Texts on display at the Whitney Museum (dates given as per museum label, square brackets indicate ad hoc label for identification purposes)
    • Mundus: A Novel (1970) (22 pages)
    • Untitled (no date) [……] (Estate)
    • Biography of Public Readings & Discussions (covers 1963-65)
    • Untitled (Novae- and Gyre-) [) (] (1968)
    • Untitled [c   s   o] (1967)
    • Prejudice (no date) (Estate)
    • Untitled (1968) [red dots] (Private Collection) – 2 pages
    • Untitled (no date) [-] (Estate)
    • Red Abstract/Fragment (1968-69) (Private Collection) (n.b. Mundus, above)
  • Poems in the Pritchard/Reed letters (University of Delaware Special Collections)
    • Still
    • Bridge (a draft of the text given the title “Red Abstract/Fragment” in the Whitney Museum)
    • Game
    • Parcy Jutridge (later published, see above)

Mentioned (e.g. in letters/documents) but never seen by me in any form.

Bibliography [Under Construction]

Primary Materials Online / Important Links

Scholarly Publications on Pritchard [Under Construction]


***Acknowledgements are due to many extremely helpful librarians at the University of Delaware, NYU, The New School, Columbia University–and to the Pritchard Estate.***

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